How we work

Our approach to each assignment is determined by the specific research challenge and the needs of each client.  Underlying every project is a systematic analytical process that provides a structure to our methodology and is designed to provide unique solutions to each of our clients.  Compared to a standard quantitative and descriptive approach, our work is future-oriented, insightful, strategic, and proactive.

We have developed two analytical frameworks which we apply to our consulting projects: the 4Cs analytical framework, which helps us understand the market, its trajectory, and the implications for the client, and Results-Oriented Management (R-OM), an evaluative planning framework that helps organizations prioritize issues and identify appropriate strategies.


4C analytical framework

This approach is based on detailed understanding of the Client’s needs and objectives, their Competitive environment, on identifying the key opportunities and challenges, including various options (Concepts), and assess the Consequences in order to offer the best solutions.


Results-Oriented Management (R-OM)

R-OM is our own management process which provides a framework for assessing markets, identifying constraints and opportunities, prioritizing issues, outlining strategies and measuring progress in achieving objectives. It emphasizes a top-down approach based on a hierarchy of objectives developed by defining the goal, identifying barriers and providing solutions to overcoming them.