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USA and Canada

We assist clients interested in the US and Canadian markets for agricultural products, food, drinks, and ingredients.  Our clients include both US and foreign organizations seeking better understanding of the markets and how to prosper in them.  In addition, we are regularly involved in risk management and crop insurance work, as well as in food and nutrition program research and evaluation.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America is a growing market with expanding ambitions and needs.  We have met demand for market research and consulting services in food, beverage, and agribusiness products in Mexico and the countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean for several decades. With our office in Mexico City, as well as associates in several key markets, we are well positioned to assist organizations interested in investing in, exporting to, or importing from these markets.


Asia Pacific

Agricultural and food sector developments throughout Asia offer immense opportunities for agri-food exporters and investors.  We have worked in Asia for two decades, actively consulting for clients interested in understanding its regional markets.  We have covered China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, and Korea extensively.  We have associates throughout the region to offer a full package of consulting services.



Europe combines world-leading food chain sophistication in the North and West, with fast evolving markets in the South and East.  Our consultants help many of the world's top businesses define strategies in this region.

Several of us have deep roots in Europe and have worked there extensively. Together with our affiliated companies and associates in key markets, we provide a full package of consulting services throughout Europe and beyond.

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Africa and Middle east

As Africa and the Middle East become increasingly important destinations for food and agricultural products, we have become more involved assisting clients targeting these regions.  To this end, we have an associate in South Africa and work with other regional experts throughout the continent.