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Agralytica is the knowledge leader for issues that challenge organizations serving the global agri-food system

A US company based in Alexandria, Virginia, we operate globally through our network of associates, providing strategic marketing, business, economic, and policy consulting.

We have been tracking changes in the food value chain for 30 years.   Our in-depth understanding of global food and agriculture lets us get started on your project without a steep learning curve.


AgralyticaWhat's new

Forage insurance studies

Agralytica was awarded a Risk Management Agency contract for an indefinite number of tasks relating to insurance for forage crops. The first of these tasks is to examine how forage quality might be better taken into consideration in insurance plans. 

Annual review of the economic impact of animal agriculture in the 50 states

Agralytica has almost completed its annual review for the United Soybean Board of the economic impact of animal agriculture on the economy in each state.  Data for cattle, hogs, broilers, turkeys, eggs and milk were compiled for each state. We looked at the changes that have occurred in animal agriculture over the last decade. We also estimated the impact on state employment, state income and state taxes.

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