Measurement & Evaluation

Track Progress, Optimize Performance, and Achieve Goals

Today’s leaders need insights to make data-driven decisions—and the ability to harness those insights to unlock future success. Measurement and evaluation are part of Agralytica’s DNA. Since developing Results-Oriented Management (R-OM) in the 1990s, Agralytica has been at the forefront of measurement and evaluation in the food and agriculture sector. Our team helps clients assess their performance, make informed decisions, and continuously improve their operations and outcomes.

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Our Approach

Most of our program evaluations are driven by R-OM and include four components:

Program rationale

Do the program’s components—its goals, the constraints to be overcome, and opportunities to be captured—link logically with one another? Do they contribute to achieving the relevant objectives in strategic documents?


Were objectives adequately developed? Were sufficient performance measures identified?


Was the execution according to plan? If necessary, were appropriate actions taken to correct any misalignment of the programs against their objectives? Was the implementation effective?


Did the outcomes match the anticipated goals? What were the factors contributing to these outcomes? What is the potential impact on the long-term goal?