Agricultural Organizations & Associations

Deliver More For Your Members

Agricultural organizations and associations, including USDA Cooperator groups and Checkoffs, face pressure to deliver more for their members. This requires responsiveness, adaptability, and the capacity to creatively tackle complex challenges. Yet many groups lack the strategic foundation to do so. To excel, robust and dynamic strategies are a must. Agralytica helps agricultural organizations and associations to be forward looking, think strategically, and exceed their members’ expectations.

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How Agralytica Helps Agricultural Organizations and Associations

Agralytica’s team of consultants collaborates with agricultural organizations and associations worldwide, leveraging over 40 years of insights and expertise in food and agriculture. We have successfully executed over 700 projects for agricultural organizations and associations since the mid-1990s. We also developed the evaluative management system Results-Oriented Management (R-OM) in 1998 for organizations without profit and loss criteria to measure success, and worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service to incorporate R-OM into the Unified Export Strategy (UES).

Economic & Market Research

Our market research consultants help agricultural organizations and associations identify opportunities and threats, allowing them to refine their strategies, target their audiences effectively, and make informed decisions that drive growth and success, either at home or abroad.


Market Development & Promotion

Our market development and promotion services are tailored to help agricultural organizations and associations throughout their annual program planning, implementation, and evaluation cycle. For those funded through USDA or other government funding sources, we also ensure that associated activities align with all governing rules and regulations.


Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluations are valuable tools for organizations seeking to measure the effectiveness and impact of programs and initiatives. Our approach is grounded in R-OM and focuses on identifying a program’s impact, understanding why it had that impact, and determining how performance can be improved.


Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan is crucial for guiding an organization’s direction, aligning resources, and achieving long-term goals. Agralytica’s strategic planning services assist agricultural organizations and associations in navigating complex challenges and optimizing their future trajectory.