Public Sector

Drive Progress and Impact

Success in the public sector requires achieving specific goals and outcomes, which can range from efficient service delivery and budgetary responsibility to citizen satisfaction and policy compliance. Public sector organizations must navigate these challenges while striving to meet their objectives and fulfill their missions. Agralytica’s public sector consultants help the public sector meet these demands by providing adept research, thorough evaluation, and comprehensive strategic planning solutions.

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How Agralytica helps public sector organizations

Public sector organizations are critical for societal and economic advancement, but they can’t do it alone. We help the public sector improve the lives and livelihoods of its citizens, unlocking its potential to drive progress and impact.


Economic & Market Research

Agralytica has a rich history of delivering impactful economic and market research projects for our public sector clients, particularly within the food and nutrition domain.

Measurement & Evaluation

Agralytica provides program evaluation solutions tailored to client requirements. Our evaluation services include evaluability assessments, the creation and execution of different evaluation methodologies, and the gathering and scrutiny of evaluation data. We also provide expert guidance in evaluation and create and distribute evaluation-related outputs to a wide range of audiences.

Strategic Planning

Agralytica offers modular services with experienced facilitators to help you set tangible goals with measurable outcomes. We use in-person and virtual formats that foster collaboration and fit your organization’s needs, timeline, and availability.

Crop Insurance

We excel in exploring the intricacies of agricultural risk management, offering valuable insights and data-driven guidance to our public sector clients. Our expertise facilitates decisions that strengthen the resilience and sustainability of crop insurance programs or lead to the development of new ones.